Day 10 – On the track for success !

After this wonderful weekend in Chefchaouen and Archoor, we start a new week in Casablanca, working on our mission, with our client. We went through long brainstorming sessions, using SWOT (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) technique, trying to identify the best options for the organization changes.


After several days of work, we finally had a review with the client, and we brainstorm with him, explaining all options. This was really helpful driving to final conclusion. He took notes of our work, and built his own thinking based on all those information. He was then able to finalize with us this morning the final view. The Director knows well his organization, and was able to brought his own vision. We finally closed down the SWOT !

This was an exiting exercise, jointly played with the client. IBM brought a huge amount of knowledge using our internal Knowledge DBs, wikis and connection web sites.

We have now a good overall vision, on the track for success… !

Quite exiting !


Right after that, we met Boutaina at the hotel for a debriefing meeting, where all teams are giving a status of te projects they are working on, asking advices to other teams, and sharing client situations. It’s quite good to be able to share all experiences, and get good advices from some others views, fresh minded colleges. It helps a lot.


Boutaina also has booked a morrocan restaurant, with Belly dancing show… Good opportunity to see the local traditions, and eat a huge couscous royal. we had a very nice evening, sharing together.

More pictures from Jette available here :

8BcMBPHvcw4wSjWb.jpg du1QVVd8h5pqmsFg.jpg



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