Have fun in Chefchaouen

The first week ended so fast, and so many information have been integrated, that some fun was more than welcome ! Thanks to Jette, who organized the weekend, we went to Chefchaouen, the « blue town ». We had a long trip by bus, and we joked, played, sang, slept, and complained as frenchies can do so well… But at the end, and after everybody sang his country national song (and thanks Massa for the French one…. Shame on me) we finally arrived !

It’s a very nice town, entirely blue painted ! Small streets organized like a cahotic labyrinth going back and forth across the mountain.

We arrived at night, and discovered the Blue town in the morning… So nice surprised, walking through the streets and discovering little shops among tons of flashy colors, and discussing with very nice local people. The hotel was a quite nice place located in the medina, and it was funny to discover only double rooms… I’ve even slept with a GBS consultant…. In the same room… Who could knew such strange things happens ?

Copy of 20150307-DSC_0662small Copy of 20150307-DSC_0453small

Pictures are located here : http://adobe.ly/1K6Dq2l

Traveling was also a nice experience… The bus drove us all through motorway and mountains, during something like 7h… We had the time to review the complete scope of projects, and go through issues and risks, using high level consulting methodologies.

We have done as well a long walk through the mountains, in Archoor, so we went to the « bridge of God », a huge hole in the mountain, created by the water long time ago.


Copy of 20150308-DSC_0746 Copy of 20150308-DSC_0762small Copy of 20150308-DSC_0710small

After several restaurants, and absolutely no ways to find a drop of beer in that town, we were obliged to drink Moroccan wisky…. Which is…. Mint thee…. Well, so nice thee isn’t it ?


We are back, and it’s now time to prepare the week, and find a way to finalize those organization chart !



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