Weekend in Fez

After a week working with our client, the group decided to go to Fez for the weekend. It’s a 4h train trip from Casablanca.

It went quite well, nice hotel, just in front of the old Medina, where we spent some time. Fortunately, we took a guide who drove us into this labyrinth, so we have seen most of the best places, of the Medina, which is almost impossible when you do not know it. This is one of the biggest in the world, and really incredible…. In the middle of this fantastic color show, people are moving around running or walking, using donkeys as the only way to transport something in those small streets…

Copy of 20150314-DSC_0811 Copy of 20150314-DSC_0887

We went to the tanneries, where the leather is prepared for any kind of local work, bags, jackets, wallets, etc. We have seen the Mosque, and nice clothes fabric where all of us bought some local scarps… The teams went shopping, buying leather bags, Moroccan carpets, candies, and many local things 😉

Following Jette and this « geo-caching » game, we went out of the usual roads, finding the treasure in an hidden guest house where we had the chance to drink a fabulous mint thee, and find the little box 😉

Copy of 20150314-DSC_0931

Copy of 20150314-DSC_0971

Time to go back home, lots of « souvenirs », and maybe we’ll see Fez again… But for the time being, it’s time to go back to the train station, and move to Casablanca, where our projects are waiting for us…

Pictures from Fez :http://adobe.ly/1wPGkCp

Copy of 20150314-DSC_0970 Copy of 20150315-DSC_1076 Copy of 20150314-DSC_0916 Copy of 20150314-DSC_0849 Copy of 20150314-DSC_0843 Copy of 20150314-DSC_0855 Copy of 20150315-DSC_1089Copy of 20150315-DSC_1076Copy of 20150314-DSC_0912


2 réflexions sur “Weekend in Fez

  1. Hello Fabian, this is really great, the project and all the places you posted the pictures of so far. Thanks a lot for sharing and all the best with the project. Greetings to the Team! 🙂


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